Abi: Matches

Abi is a Texan-turned-Nashvillian who already has a strong foothold on her artist path in Nashville. With experience on the road with names such as ‘Pentatonix’ and ‘Us the Duo’, she definitely isn’t a new kid on the block.

‘Matches’ is a fun fast-paced single following up her last holiday release ‘Put A Bow On It‘. With a music video to boot, this is the perfect time for a fun summer jam. When asked about the experience of this new single she states:

It’s been such an incredible experience working with so many talented beings and finding my own voice and sound. ‘Matches’ was truly the beginning of this discovery and I’m excited for you all to embark on this journey with me.”

For the Abi fans out there, there is also more to come as she is working on an upcoming EP. It could come sooner than later as it is set to come out sometime this fall. With such great quality music and video’s, we look forward to what’s up Abi’s artistic sleeve. When describing the upcoming EP, she states:

“The EP is very honest and genuine to my own experiences with love; the good and the bad. It’s taken me some time to get it where I wanted, but these pieces of work are my proudest yet and I can only hope when it is heard that you, as a listener, will hear a part of yourself telling the song’s stories!”

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