Blake Shelton ‘Doing It To Country Songs’

Shelton’s hottest song from the ‘If I’m Honest‘ album is taking a new direction with a fun music video. This track is a jokingly interpretable song on how you can pretty much do anything in life to Country songs.

Of course there is the stereotype of the my dog died and wife left me side of Country. However, there are plenty of drinking and party anthems as well. There is always a situation were you can match it up with a country song in some form.

Not only has this song taken off from it’s release, but featuring The Oak Ridge Boys take it to a whole new level. As far as the new music video, nothing really feels more appropriate than this animated bunch of animals as Blake and company.

A bunch of hillbilly animals cooped up in a ‘Blake Shelton’s Bar’ out in the middle of the woods really fits. Also, the subtle references are to die for with the Oklahoma license plate saying ‘Do-n-It’, to Elvira’s letter asking ‘Doin’ It?’ We have had a good laugh at this surprise video. We hope to see more like this in the future, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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