Brett Eldredge: Castaway

Gone were the days that we have to wait for our favorite high profile Artists to come out with new material. Especially that of Brett Eldredge as the mainstream Country knockout has been on a roll with new music.

Castaway is a mellowed down version of Eldredge which is a nice change in direction from his previous high paced anthems. Such as those from his ‘Illinois’ album back in 2015 featuring ‘Wanna Be That Song‘ and ‘Lose It’.

Also being featured in his latest self-titled album, Castaway is an ode to ones significant other. With lyrics such as:

“Why do I always try
To run away from you
Please don’t say a castaway
Is what I was born to do
I guess I’ll always be lost without you”

Like many hit singles, they always tend to hit home with many listeners, as we can all relate to the person represented in this song. There’s always room for interpretation, however, most people can pinpoint that one other half that they didn’t think could live without at some point. Whether it’s present or in the past, Eldredge always has a way of connecting you to his music.

Pre-order ‘Brett Eldredge‘ to be able to access the chart-climbing singles ‘The Long Way‘ and ‘Somethin’ I’m Good At‘. Also be sure to let us know what you think of this stripped down version in the comments below.

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