Canaan Cox Releases Debut Single ‘Lie’

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Canaan Cox: Lie

Cox is an emerging artist who isn’t just another Country/Pop minimalist. Canaan is a multi-instrumentalist, including violin, mandolin, and guitar which represents a large part of his artistry. With his new debut single ‘Lie’, he takes on the modern Country genre while keeping it’s many influences.

With it’s intricate short licks in the verse, along with a wide-open Chorus, this song takes on a refreshing dynamic. We have become used to very cookie-cutter-esk instrumentals in Modern Country. However, Canaan takes this model and opens up his outlets from soft guitar picking, to rock-like guitar riffs.

You can certainly hear a lot of different influences with these hints of instrumentals. This is what makes an independent artist like Cox so special to listen to. Not being held back as an artist is what has pushed the Country genre to what it is today. We love seeing artists on both the traditional and modern side take advantage of this, as it usually results in a great single like Cox’s ‘Lie’. Check out his live version below:

This single was officially released August 4th, 2017 as you can find it on iTunes here. Also be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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