Cole Swindell’s new single “You Should Be Here” is a soft hearted ballad in remembrance of his father. Most may recognize Swindell as an upbeat young country star singing about tailgates and parties, but this really hits home for all Country Music fans.

You Should Be Here

Swindell’s resume of hit songs are a testament to his excellent writing, which seems to have cultivated such a powerful single like this one.

“You Should be here, standin’ with your arm around me here”

This style of writing lets the listener interpret the song in their own way with someone who they may have lost, while telling an emotional story. It really is hard to deny that this song doesn’t include every root of Cole Swindell. With the story of having good times and drinking, making this loss so hard, there are not many people that can say they don’t relate to this song.

We all are so excited to see what Swindells future albums have to offer and hope to see him around the Country Music Industry for many years to come. Have a listen to this gem below:

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