Dierks Bentley: Black

It was a matter of time before we would see a major production video from this album title song. The end result is nothing short of epic in this dark, yet scenic, and ‘free’ music video. The release of this album earlier in 2016 prompted many successes, including three huge singles. These include ‘Somewhere on a Beach’, Different for Girls (Ft. Elle King), and current single ‘Black’.

This music video represents the song in a sense of taking you to a place you haven’t been before. Obviously in a darker sense, but it also features very cinematic shots that gives a free sense. Not a care in the world other than that other half, that makes the outside world go black.

It really is a perfect rendition as the song is very ambient to go with the wide open spaces of the video. The black and white shades of the it also gave an added element to the storyline. We can’t wait to see what is next for Bentley as it seems every production out does the last. Example being the massive hit with Elle King in ‘Different For Girls’.

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