Florida Georgia Line: Smooth

Florida Georgia Line has been known to mix up the music video format in recent years, and this latest is no disappointment. With an almost impromptu start to the video, you wonder how it will track back to the music.

It is creatively done by the boys as they go from being stuck on the side of the road to surely ending up in Vegas for a Friday night party. When they finally find their way into the city, the music kicks in and it’s all party after that.

Smooth is a perfect segway song into their latest line of whiskey ‘Old Camp‘, which of course made the cut. We can’t deny that this is on the more creative spectrum whether one likes it or not. Smooth makes you want to get up and do something as it is, so this music video matches perfectly.

To end off the video, the man finally gets married with his waiting wife, by who else other than Elvis. In a Vegas style elope, this was pretty entertaining, and will only hold us off until the next crazy video comes. Check out behind the scenes below:

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