Granger Smith Takes On Luke Bryan, Justin Moore At Cabela’s Archery Event


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Granger Smith, or maybe more appropriate “Earl Dibbles Jr,” took a trip to the Las Vegas for the 51st ACM Awards. On his “Yee Yee TV series on YouTube, he shared some behind the scenes when he got to Las Vegas. From red carpet moments, interviews, and to the Cabela’s Archery Event.

Before Smith reaches Vegas he states:

“It’s 5 o’clock, i’m headed headed to the airport in austin to jump on a plane, this is how my first acm award experience begins”

In one interview it was asked how he felt about his audience he had gained before compared to the mainstream audience he has recently gained through number 1’s as he states:

“It’s two different crowds, and we welcome both. Anytime you go number one, that’s the goal. that’s something you can hang on the wall and put in history of country music.”

They also ended up heading the the Cabela’s Archery Event where the likes of Luke Bryan, Justin Moore, Chase Rice, and Chris Janson ended up. Smith being on Justin Moore’s team would lead to what we believe is victory as you see the trophy being held by Justin. That would be quite a first impression at your first ACM Awards appearance we would think. Let us know what you think in the comments below!