Home Free: Castle on the Hill

Home Free, the band of dominant voices has done it again, only this time they take a turn out of Country. However, not too far off the beaten path they’ve taken, this Ed Sheeran cover is one for everyone to enjoy. This is by far their most immersive production with the storytelling of the music video.

Not to mention that this might just be the best sounding acapella cover out there today. Following up the covers including ‘Snapback‘, ‘Die a Happy Man‘, ‘My Church‘, and ‘Thank God I’m a Country Boy‘.

The streak of high level covers is definitely unmatched in this genre, with Home Free taking it to a new level. This song takes you through a lifetime of experiences and heading back to where they originated. Making progress through life and making memories tells a lot about Home Free’s path right now as well.

Through their music’s growth, they are leading a similar story compared to this song which makes it that much more special. Check out the original Ed Sheeran version below:

See if you can spot the differences, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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