Indigo Summer: Before Tonight

Indigo Summer is a duo of two songwriters who came together in Nashville to go full steam ahead in Country Music. Following the success of their last single ‘Something You Miss‘, this single has a smooth vibe playing off the previous successful ballad.

This duo has came leaps and bounds whether it is their one-off covers, new singles, or even their high production music video’s. Check out the ‘Something You Miss’ video below:

We hope to see a new music video for this latest song as well to see how they interpret the lyrics themselves. With lyrics such as:

“Before all i felt, was empty and let down, but everything before tonight has almost faded now.”

This song is clearly about meeting a potential other half, who lifted you up in a dark time. However, like many songs is interpretable in many ways. This is what makes Indigo Summer so much fun to follow, as you never know what music video or even song plot they will have next.

Be sure to also pick this song up on iTunes here, and also let us know what you think on this lyric video in the comments below!

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