Indigo Summer releases intimate music video for new single ‘Not To’ from their upcoming debut album.

This single takes a ‘louder and prouder’ attitude to their lighter hearted debut single ‘Slow Down Summer

The plot also takes place in a late night bar scene as the narrator see’s that one person and can’t let go of them a few drinks in.

“Hard not to reminisce, after we get a few shots in, ain’t gonna take much to make me want you.”

As the duo switches in taking on each verse, it is very impactful on furthering the story into each soaring chorus.

We are glad to see an original production with Indigo Sumer take on such a high production value. As they have also made several high quality covers, including Garth Brooks’ ‘She’s Every Woman.’

We are also excited what direction the duo will go on their upcoming debut album that will feature both these singles.

You can pick up this latest single on iTunes, and also follow them on YouTube to catch their latest videos here.