Indigo Summer releases new single ‘Something You Miss’ to follow up most recent single ‘Not To‘. We can’t forgot their debut summer single ‘Slow Down Summer‘ either, which kicked off their artistry journey.

‘Something You Miss’ sets a different pace for the duo, as they take on a slower and more intimate tempo. It is a refreshing style, yet relatable story of an ex partner who you can’t seem to make jealous. While we can’t deny some fast paced tracks from these two, a slower relationship song really compliments their style.

With impressing with every new song and music video, they have been one of the funnest new duo’s to keep track of. Especially with this music video, as it gives two different perspectives of the song for listeners to interpret with.

Being in a bar, reflecting on the past relationship, you also get a sense of the imaginable couple’s story beforehand. This is our favorite production from Indigo Summer yet, and we hope to see many more to come in the near future.

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