Jason Aldean: They Don’t Know

Aldean has a tremendous amount of hits throughout his years, and also has grown a massive community in the genre. This new video is a testament to his tour success as it starts stating:

“i feel like this tour is a reflection of every tour we’ve built before it. it stands for everywhere we’ve been and all the people that have helped get us here.

every mile and every face i’ve seen along the way has reflected on making this life on the road so much more than what i could’ve imagined. That’s what this tour stands for, it stands for you. It stands for us.

The mid-2016 release of the album ‘They Don’t Know’ was his biggest success yet, as it debuted at No. 1 on Billboards Top 200. Along with four charting singles as well, the #AldeanArmy grew even stronger with a new album and tour on it’s way.

This music video not only shows behind the tours, but also the every-day people his songs mostly represent. Staying true to those who you influence is a major trait in the Country Genre, and Aldean has been nothing less. Since the original Aldean days, his debut album in 2005, he has showed this time and time again.

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