Justin Moore answers fan questions with album release day interview with CMT’s Cody Alan.

‘Kinda Don’t Care’ has also officially been released today, to cure the drought Moore fans have faced this last year.

In the video above, Moore answers anything from how many cowboys he has to who’s his best phone contact.

He also starts off by answering how many hats he has stating:

“Actually I don’t have a ton, because once they get old I throw em’ out in the crowd, or sign them for a charity event.”

The next question is in reference to Brantley Gilbert being featured on a song as he responds:

“I asked him, I told him he owed me a favor since I was on his last record.

plus we’re great friends and enjoy workin’ together”

Be sure to check out Moore’s story behind the songs including “More Middle Fingers, Pick-Up Lines, and Between You and Me.”