Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, and Jimmy Fallon have a history of monumental proportions we have been learning. Over the course of the last few interviews with Nicole on Jimmy Fallon, the stories keep on coming.

This interview is the follow up to a viral video of the interview where the story originates. Check out the official first interview below:

This is all play of course, but it serves as one of the most entertaining ongoing stories now. It is also mentioned in the most recent video how Jimmy missed multiple opportunities at Nicole.

While all of the awkwardness greatly unfolds, Keith Urban is introduced to take the awkwardness to a new level. With Keith singing Jimmy a song in his introduction, it doesn’t get much better seeing Jimmy so unprepared. As he takes his now wife and sits her on his lap, Jimmy struggles to further the show along.

They barely get back on track to keep the segment going as you can see from the ending. However, we will definitely tune into the next one to see if any other misfortunate meetings slip through.

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