Keith Urban Releases Lyric Video for “Break On Me”


Keith Urban is known to come out with more intimate songs that grab you with simplistic yet relatable lyrics. “Break On Me‘s” new lyric video is no exception with lyrics such as:

keith urban,lyric video
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“come apart in my hands, take as long as it takes girl, break on me”

This song has been out since November of 2015, but with an official music video out we figured we would cover this song once again with Urbans recent life events. This song has a recollection of what he is currently going through with his father. The best part of being a songwriter is being able to release your feelings in a song, which also comes with the side effect of potentially helping others in the same situation. Cole Swindell is going through an eerily similar situation with his father with his new song “You Should Be Here.”

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