Lori McKenna wins NSAI Song of the Year with ‘Humble and Kind,’ recorded by Tim McGraw. Above is McKenna singing her original work at the Grand Ole Opry, which became a huge hit in Country Music.

McKenna has a long history of exceptional songwriting, mainly in folk/country style. Also responsible for co-writing ‘Girl Crush,’ recorded by Little Big Town, she has been in the Country market as well.

However, this wasn’t her recent start in Country, as she started with cuts provided to Faith Hill’s ‘Fireflies’. Being such a successful songwriter, she truly is an inspiration to newer writers.

Also being a mother of 5 currently, she got her start in the industry at 27 with three children at the time. If that isn’t a feat in itself, i’m not sure what is, in this cut throat industry at least.

With this Song of the Year Award, we want to extend a happy congratulations to Lori, and to many more. There are many great stories to come from such creative minds such as these writers. We can’t wait to see what hit’s the big stations next from those McKenna has influenced as well.

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