Luke Bryan recently celebrated his 41st birthday, you guessed it, at a stadium right before a show. The big day happened to land on his appearance at Progressive Field, where the Cleveland Indians play.

With a Salmon Cake and a “Bryan” Cleveland Indians jersey waiting, the celebrations started in the green room. Also with wife Caroline and son Bo with him, it was great seeing crew, family, band, and friends coming together to celebrate.

Brett Eldredge and Lauren Alaina were also there that night to open up for Luke. It seems MLB stadiums are getting more popular, as Eldredge’s love for the Chicago Cubs is also nothing private. After recording a music video at Wrigley Field, the love for MLB is real within the Country genre.

Luke also gives a toast to the area stating:

“progressive field, Cleveland, cleveland indians, cleve-land, land of the cleve, land of labron.”

With an added suggestion from Bo about Steph Curry which Luke funnily shuts down stating:

“can’t say that buddy, daddy got to play in sacramento too.”

Clearly Bo is an NBA fan and is a little disheartened from the Finals. Either way it has been great seeing the family thoughout this LBTV series. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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