Luke Bryan’s Story Behind The Song: Huntin,’ Fishin,’ and Lovin’ Every Day


huntin', fishin' and lovin' every day,luke bryanLuke Bryan came out with a new song “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” which is a testament to what is most important in Bryans life.

He states in the video above:

“I’m Probably gonna’ get that tattooed on my body at some point ‘huntin’, fishin’ and lovin’ every day'”

Luke also states that this song was originally written on his 2015 Farm Tour with “The Peach Pickers.”

There couldn’t be a more appropriate place for a song like this to come from than what Luke loves doing the most, playing live out in the farms where a lot of his fan base comes from.

With the songs “Retro” guitar sound, it definitely has a different twist to what has recently been coming out for country music.

This song is an anthem for back-roaders and concert-goers as it invites the listener to sing in chorus wherever they may be.

We believe this song will be on Luke’s set list for quite a while as it so closely represents him and his audience to sing live to.

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Have a listen to the official lyric video below:

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