Luke Bryan: Light It Up

A song about heartbreak is nothing new in the Bryan camp, but this new single brings an even more modern twist. Taking on the popular situation of not having that one you love anymore, and only being able to wait.

Not only does the song have a modern sound, but it also represents current day breakups. Who hasn’t been in the situation of waiting for your crush or even once lover to text or call you back?

Bryan talks about the production of the single with Ty, Chuck, and Kelly in the video below:

Bryan explains that this song was the first written in his newly built house with Brad Tursi (Old Dominion) as he states:

“I built this house, the home of my dreams. Me and my wife, 2 years killin’ each other over the house.

Playing my music room, put my piano, put my guitars in there. This was the first writing appointment in that music room that we wrote this song.”

It looks like this single was only meant to be, post house construction, of course. Listen to the official single in the video above. Also, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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