Luke Bryan: LBTV

The latest episode of Bryan’s YouTube series ‘LBTV’ takes us along with Bryan and family on his Tennessee farm. We all knew Luke was a great dad even with his monstrous schedule. However, this episode shows us first hand what the Bryan lifestyle is all about.

While this is a pretty normal lifestyle for any rural family from Florida all the way to Colorado, it is interesting seeing such an influential musician taking part. Being able to retain the ‘slow’ life is an important part of Luke’s family.¬†From the farm pond, the gun range, to when the lights kick on at the concert, Bo has experienced it all.

Check out the full video above, as they head to Cabela’s for Bo’s first time, along with special guest Brett Eldredge. As Eldredge described Cabela’s as:

“pretty much Heaven on earth, I could spend a 100 hours in there. I don’t know if we have 100 hours but, probably spend 12.”

While growing up in the same style, concerts almost every night and traveling would have only topped it off. Luke and Wife Caroline obviously have done an amazing job keeping the family in check during the long travels. We hope to see more of these videos soon! Also be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.