RaeLynn: Lonely Call

Coming off one of her biggest singles yet with ‘Love Triangle‘, Lonely Call sets to raise the bar even higher. Being featured as track number 4, this song is a good transition into the rest of the album. This album, of course, is Raelynn’s latest called ‘WildHorse’, which was released in 2016.

This single takes on a new dynamic on a similar story compared to ‘Love Triangle”. Taking on the concept of not giving in to the one who doesn’t commit to you. We can draw parrallels as ‘Love Triangle’ is based off of a kid in a tangled divorce. Not knowing the direction your relationships are going, this song kind of concludes that.

While it’s also interpretable, covering anything from not hearing back from a loved one to being on a little hiatus. More specifically, ‘Lonely Call’ covers a guy who didn’t give enough attention to his girl in the end, with lyrics such as:

“I used to be your “6 a.m
Hey good morning
Beautiful, how you been?”
I used to be a “we just landed
Miss you, you can’t stand it
See you this weekend”
Now I’m just a midnight number
Familiar voice
When you start to wonder if you made the wrong choice
So let it ring, let it ring all night long
‘Cause I ain’t your lonely call”

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