RaeLynn: Queen’s Don’t

RaeLynn turns pain into power in this heartfelt single of low maintenance pride. The hard work ethic of a woman doesn’t go unnoticed in this song with lyrics such as:

“I wasn’t raised in a castle
I grew up on the outskirts of town
No dresses with golden tassels
The rings on my hand are handed down”

We all knew Queens are powerful, but this is a reminder that anyone who doesn’t think she is deserving can’t stick around. Finding the one that already treats you like Royalty is essential to this message.

“Queens don’t hate, queens don’t fight
Queens don’t stay unless their king treats her right, oh
Every jewel on my crown, you better believe I earned it
Won’t keep people around that don’t believe I deserve it
No, queens ain’t fake
A queen’s gonna rule just the way she was made, oh
I ain’t ’bout to let nobody come and take me off this throne
Some girls might, but queen’s don’t”

Not to say that this is for every girl, being there can only be a few Queens as we all know. However, RaeLynn iterates that it is important to find the one that makes you feel special. Especially ones that respect the way you as you and earn your keep.

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