Sam Hunt Is Back With New Single “Kinfolks”


Sam Hunt – “Kinfolks”

While Sam Hunt doesn’t release new music very often, it never disappoints. On October 10th, he released this new single on YouTube, which became available on Apple Music on the 11th.

Hunt talks about his upcoming album as he mentions the Nashville songwriting grind. He said he was smelling the roses and took a step back, by taking a conscious effort to experience his 30’s.

While we haven’t gotten an album form Hunt since 2014’s Montevallo, we are super excited knowing one is coming soon again. We have a sense of what will be featured on the new album with the likes of Drinkin’ Too Much, and Body Like A Back Road, and the latest of Downtown’s Dead.

Hunt also hints at putting out another single from the new album by the end of the year. Which also happens to be a song that he said would be out in 2018, however, he needed to hold onto it for this new album.

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