A true songwriter of Nashville, Chris Stapleton, who has written countless hits for numerous Country Artists deserves the number one spot on our Top Ten list for his latest breakout Album “Traveller.”


Stapleton has quite a resume having written hits for artists including:

It should be noted that he was also the front man for the GRAMMY nominated Bluegrass Band “The SteelDrivers.” With a songwriting resume as strong as this hits behind him, it was only a matter of time for us to expect his own breakout album to take on the country genre. This album “Traveller” is going to be an instant classic, and one many up and coming Songwriters and Artists try to replicate in the future.

travellerOne of the unique aspects of this album that puts it in the top spot is that it was recorded as a live band in the studio. This wasn’t a huge production of many layered tracks like most other new country albums. This was so fitting for Stapletons writing and singing style that it makes one believe this album contains his best writing that has been crafted over a couple of decades.

We can’t wait for his next sequel album and can only hope that he sticks to his roots of writing that has gotten him so far in Nashville. After the CMA Awards with his 5000% album sales increase, I don’t doubt this will soon be in the making. Meanwhile, Traveller will be on repeat on my playlist for long time. Check out Stapletons behind the scenes of “Traveller” below:

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